Learn How To Finally Win an Argument With Your Bat Sheet Crazy Ex Wife

And How to Stop Letting Her Drag You Into Her Drama!


Everything is broken down in to easy to follow steps. You'll be amazed at just how easy it is to learn these skillsets and more importantly apply them.


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This Course Will Help You to Regain Control Over Your LIfe!

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About This Course

The course covers, seven steps, to winning an argument, with your bat sheet crazy Ex wife. It is ideal for any man who has an Ex who, insists upon arguing, fighting and creating a scene, whenever you meet.

This course comes, with awesome support, from the course creator, Lauren Remington, who will respond to questions, daily.

How This Course Came to Be

You'll learn why this course is so near and dear to my heart. And why I am so passionate about helping you, to free yourself, from constant conflict.

Strategy One: It's Not Your Fault

Walking hand in hand, I'll take you on a guided tour through CrazyLand. Scenery isn't much to talk about. However, you're sure to get many of your questions answered.

Strategy Two: Just the Facts Ma'am

Sometimes we become so emotionally invested in her drama, we forget, she's speaking from her own reality. Not necessarily from our shared reality.

Strategey Three: Stop Being Emotionally Invested

The same old tired arguments you were involved in when you're married, seem to continue after you're divorced. Here's what to do...

Strategy Four: Walk Away!

The healthiest thing you can do for yourself, is to simply, walk away....

Strategy Five: Make Your Point & Move On....

Many men make the mistake of sticking around after they won and then lose, because they did...

Strategy Six: If You're Wrong Admit It & Move On...

Don't Play Her Game of Having to Be Right, Be the Adult Admit When You're Wrong. Then move on.

Strategy Seven: Practice, Practice, Practice...

Not to Worry, Your Ex Wife Will Give You Plenty of Opportunities to Practice & Master These Skillsets.

About Lauren.....

Lauren comes to us from a Fortune 100 corporation. She learned the hard way how to create and maintain relationships, with people, from all over the world.

Having had many failed personal relationships -- she became an expert at what not to do. And what unhealthy relationships were like.

With this experience, she learned, how to define a healthy relationship. What to look for. What to expect. And most importantly, how to handle conflict.

Tired of listening to women, bitch and complain about their husbands and how worthless their husbands were -- she embarked upon a journey to discover the truth behind these beliefs.

She discovered, most divorces were the direct result of women's unrealistic expectations of men and the brainwashing to believe that men, are something evil, dirty and stupid.

You will love what she has to say about feminist and how to handle your Ex, once you understand why she acts and believes what she does.

Course Description:

The course covers seven steps to winning an argument with your Ex wife. It is ideal for any man who has an Ex who, insists upon arguing, fighting and creating a scene, whenever you meet.

The course comes with awesome support from the course creator, Lauren Remington, who will respond to questions, daily.

What You'll Learn:

During the course, you will be introduced to seven techniques and strategies, for winning an argument with your Ex wife.

In addition, you will discover, these skillsets are applicable in other parts of your life. Helping to reduce and remove the chaos from your life and replace it with calmness and relaxation.

You will learn why you've been losing every argument, how to stop allowing her to pull you into her drama and push your buttons and how to stop letting her get her way, every time.

Stockholm Syndrome

This refers to when a victim is being held physically and emotionally (sex & love) hostage. And because your captor is nice, once in awhile, you tend to see them as the hero, instead of the villain. You become protective of them. No matter how abusive they may be, you believe you're in love with them.

Mind Control

It's no secret that feminist have convinced many women that men are always at fault. They falsely believe men suppress them, won't let them get ahead, don't respect them or think of them as sex objects. Men know they don't but they are treated by women, as if this is true. Worse, society as a whole has come to believe this false narrative.

Social Engine-ering

More than 90% of what you believe to be true, is a lie. You've been told these lies so often, you've come to believe they are true. The fact is, they're not. They are part of someone elses belief of what reality is. The good news is, you don't have to live in their reality.

Choose This Life Changing Course, Now!

"There are many opportunities for us to dramatically change our lives. The problem is, few of us ever take advantage of the ones offered to us." -Lauren Remington

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have to Watch It All At Once?

We would recommend, you review this course over the course of a week. Give yourself an opportunity to absorb, understand and figure out how to apply the concepts.

Can I Really Win An Argument With My Ex?

Perhaps, not on your next meeting. However, you can realistically expect to start winning arguments, once you understand why she insists upon starting something with you.

Are You Going to Tell Me It's My Fault?

Being a woman, I know most of the time it's not your fault. Even if she has you brainwashed to believe it is and you're a terrible father -- it takes two.

How Long Will I have Access to My Course?

You will always have access to your course. I hope it is something which you will often refer to. Something you'll apply to not only your relationship with your Ex but also other relationships.

Will This Reduce My Stress Levels?

You should see a dramatic drop in your stress levels. The more you understand what is going on, why it's going on and what to do about it -- the more in control of your life, you'll feel.

Will My Ex Know I'm Using These Techniques?

Not unless you tell her. The likelihood of her even knowing about this website, is remote. And the idea, you would know about it, would probably be beyond her comprehension. You should be safe.


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